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Found this today on DA, though that it absolutely must be shared.
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Labyrinth fans:

So far, there's two chapters of what looks to be an amazing Jareth and Sarah fic up. Go check it out, and leave feedback so the author knows it is being read!
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Hello, everyone. This is your mod/admin speaking! Just wanted to leave everyone a message to let you all know that I am not dead :) I get notifications via e-mail every time someone posts in this community, so even though I am not particularly active on DW, I do read every entry that is posted here!

I've noticed over the past month there's been a bit more activity here. After visiting the info page I noticed that we have over 40 members and over 60 subscribers! This is so amazing. I didn't even have to do any promoting to do this, so I am blown away by the attention we are getting here :D I'm so glad that each and every one of you has made your way here one way or another, and I am glad for each and every entry. So keep on postin', my precious goblins!

Feel free to post artwork, costume ideas, fan-fic (please label appropriately), or anything else Labyrinth or fantasy related! Almost all entries are welcome, especially if it catches the attention of more potential members.

And just a side note, this community was mainly inspired by not only Labyrinth, but also movies such as Phantom of The Opera, and also the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade that is held every year in July in Hollywood, California. If you have pictures of past events, please by all means post them up for everyone to view!

Also, if you still use LJ, there is the sister community by the same name as this one, which I also maintain. Feel free to convert some of your LJ friends to DW, and inform them of the creation of this community! Although, the LJ community is still up and running and welcomes any posts as well.

Have a great day, and once again, thanks for your membership!
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Hello to all of my fello Labyrinth and David Bowie fans =] for my introduction post I come bearing fanart! I did this earlier today with DA muro

Live without your sunlight by ~RogueSareth on deviantART

I have to say ( oh the shame in it ) that I'm a very new Labyrinth fan. I was unfortunate enough to have not seen the movie when I was younger like a lot of fans. I had known about it for years but I didn't get to see it until last year when a friend of mine made me sit down and watch the DVD, completely aghast that I had never before viewed the awesomeness that is David Bowie in tights XD
I absolutely fell in love with it. on a hardcore level. The movie just plays to so many of my passions ( cheesy 80's fantasy, fairytale, beautiful traditional handmade effects and sets ) and its one of the few things thats kept me consistantly interested since the begining. I also had a chance to read the book and that was just amazing. Its sad getting a real copy is so expensive ( $210 for a new copy? whaaaaaaa? ) but thankfully someone had put the transcripts up online ( ahh internet, so helpful ) Anyways, I hope to get to know other Labyrinth fans via this comm and find out many interesting tidbits about the movie and share some good fanfic/art.
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Labyrinth: Where the Heart Is, Ensemble, Gen, Ficlet, PG
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Title: Imaginary Man
Song/Artist: Song of Imaginary Beings, by IAMX
Summary: Sarah's always falling, but she's not going to fall in love.

Streaming and download on my journal. Enjoy :)
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Future Path
Fandom: Labyrinth
Pairing/Characters: Sarah
Rating/Category: G / Gen
Word Count: 159
Prompt: forks
Spoilers: None
Notes/Warnings: for [personal profile] delilahdraken
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Labyrinth: Course of Play, Jareth/Sarah & Hoggle, Het, Drabble, PG


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